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My approach is unique, you are in charge of your life and I help you enjoy it 100%. Take your life into your own hands and grow!

Your way to a healthy and sporty lifestyle!

If you recognize yourself in the statements below, then this program is a step towards a healthier and sportier life.

✅ you know what you want, you still can't apply this daily in your life

✅ you have habits you'd rather lose than rich in your life

✅ you want to be healthier and fitter in life, yet there are things in your life that stop you from changing.

✅ sometimes you don't know how to stay with your emotions, and this stops you from being healthier in life.

✅ you know how to be healthier in life, but sometimes negative thoughts and self-criticism get in the way

✅ you have a busy social life, a beautiful career and a super family, but you don't find the right balance for yourself

✅ you know you have to make time for yourself, but every time something comes up

Two types of health coaching

Studio Feniks is for anyone who wants to work with personal coaching on their health, lifestyle or fitness, or lose weight without yo-yo effect. Based on your goals and ambitions, you choose the health coaching that suits you.

Healthy Lifestyle - 1 on 1 coaching

Healthy Lifestyle - 1 on 1 coaching

from 1500 euros for 4 MONTHS
Do you want to jump out of bed every morning? - Don't have time to live a healthy life? - Do you want to lose the last kilos?

Health coaching - Small Group Training

Health coaching - Small Group Training

499 euros for 4 MONTHS
Find an optimal balance between sport and healthy nutrition and lose weight permanently. We will work together for 4 months. Next group starts September 13th

health coach

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